Business Tips

Business Tips

Advice For Entrepreneurs: Keep it Personal

When beginning your new venture and working towards business success, there is one line of advice that has been repeated by many successful entrepreneurs in various industries. The gem of wisdom here is that to create repeat customers, a fan base, a following, you must build trust and rapport. This means going out of your way to do things a little bit differently than the average business.


Whether you work with people in service industries, or are more in the realm of product development, any mode of business and consumerism in the capitalistic world has some form of interaction with their customers/clientele. A key point of advice from successful entrepreneurs is to think about your customers/clientele not as a number – but as a person. When you really consider each and every interaction as a personal interaction, you will be more likely to express an energy that shows your customer that you put energy and care into your product or service.


Tangible, real world ways that you can do this are by adding value in different ways, depending on your business model. Hand signed thank you cards that come with products is just one example of a value added personal touch. It may even be a regularly updated blog, which is in line with your industries area of interest. Genuine connections with customer service teams are also crucial for when people are reaching out. Automated email responses are efficient, but being sure to have a team ready and on standby to then connect to each query goes very far for people to have trust and faith in feeling respected and cared for by your company.


Basically, the point here is that if you are looking to innovate and create a successful new venture, it pays to show you care. The best way to show this is by reaching out to the very people that are making your business success possible – namely, the customers, consumers and clientele.


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Business Tips

Tips For The New Franchiser

When you are taking your first steps in the world of franchising, it can be overwhelming to navigate your way around this new form of work and business. Here are some useful things to keep in mind that will help you on your journey to success.

Know Your Goals

Really consider why you are drawn to owning a franchise. Is it to be your own boss, create a better work / family life, to build your skills and try something new? When you get clear on your reasons why you are wanting to undertake this new venture, you can then set realistic, tangible goals that can help you when obstacles arise in the process of starting out. When you set specific and measurable goals – like, being able to only work ‘this’ may days, or making ‘this’ much money in a year, then that gives you something to work towards and create a plan for.


Reach Out For Assistance

Help is always there– or should be with any good franchise. The great benefit of franchising is that there is system and process already in place, so when things become difficult or confusing, you always are able to reach out to management. Similarly, speaking to existing franchise owners in the franchise company can be extremely beneficial for you to see their way of conducting business, and also to get some handy tips that you may replicate.


Choose Your Team Wisely

It can be tempting to hire the first batch of people who come through your doors wanting a job – especially when you are in need of the labor! But when you really take time to interview and trial in a thorough way, the more likely you are to create a team where all members are invested in your business and have the skills and motivation to work hard for your success.


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Business Tips

Advice For Entrepreneurs

Consumer, business and service industries are all advancing in the modern world to extend to areas, which never before have been seen. From life coaching, to technological innovations and an expansion of online marketplaces, there is a place for many new niches to be created. To create from scratch and work in your own way boasts incredible lifestyle advantages for those stepping into entrepreneurship. Though it is not the easiest form of business to undertake, with many people struggling to get off the ground or handle early stage challenges. Here we offer the top 5 pieces of advice for entrepreneurs to keep in mind when beginning their own journey.


#1: Be aware and present with every small detail of your business.

Get clear on how you want to run, and how every mode is progressing, from construction of products, to accounts and marketing.


#2: Never, ever give up.

It will always be a competitive arena in any industry, and learning to bounce back after numerous no’s is key to surviving. If you aren’t being told no, then you may not be trying hard enough or pushing yourself enough.


#3: Mistakes are valuable.

They teach you what to improve upon. They give you the tools to handle future slip ups. There are learning curves to always be expected.


#4: You don’t have to do it all on your own.

Learning to accept help and to even seek it can be extremely beneficial for your overall success. You may have the brilliance for one aspect of your business, but there will always be areas to improve. So allowing your ego to step aside and accept some advice and tips from people who have been there will be beneficial to your business success.


#5: Surround yourself with people you look up to.

The people you spend your time with are a direct reflection of the person you are. Seek out connections and spend time with people who lift you up, who have something to learn from and who are generally positive models to be around.


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